How It Works

Our system is very simple: contact us about your project, and we'll provide you with an estimate. From there we'll bill you via PayPal and begin designing!

What information will I have to provide?
That depends somewhat on what type of graphic you are purchasing, but generally we will ask you what overall "look" you are going for (classy, elegant, vintage, funky, whimsical, etc.), color schemes you want, the type of font you want, if you would like images incorporated in, and of course the text you want on the graphic.

How long will it take?
From the time you place your order to the time I email you for details shouldn't be more than two days. From there, it really depends on how quickly you respond and how quickly I can put something together that is to your liking! To give you an idea, the graphics I did for Recherché Sisters took approximately two weeks from start to finish, including all time that I was waiting for an email back, to sending her the first "draft" and then making adjustments.

What format will my graphics be in?
Most graphics will be in JPEG format; to use our headers make sure that within your website or blog program you can upload a custom header, as our headers are images. You cannot use our headers unless you can do this!
Certain designs, namely those that have an outer edge that is not square, will need to be in PNG format. E-book covers can be in either JPEG or PDF.
If you need a square image in a format other than JPEG please let me know.

How will I preview my graphics prior to completion?
I will send you the image with a transparent watermark over it for you to view the graphic. (The watermark is to ensure that the graphic will not be used before the total transaction is complete).

Do my graphics have to be included in your gallery?
No. You will be given the option to be included in the gallery or not. If you choose to be included, you can also choose whether or not you would like me to link to your website (for example, if the project was for a private blog you probably would not want me linking to it).

What types of projects do you design?
If you have a custom project not listed in our services list please feel free to email us and we will see what we can do for you!

Have a question that isn't answered here? Email us through our contact form.

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