Design Policy

I would appreciate if you credit Prairie Rose Designs on your website with a link back to this site. This is not required but if you were happy with the service you received, I would be grateful for even just an inconspicuous link in your footer!

I am a Christian and therefore:

• I will not design graphics that include offensive images of any kind or for websites that contain such images.

• I will not design graphics with offensive language.

• I will not design e-book covers for books that fall into any of the following categories: romance novels, horror stories, fantasy (witches, etc). The same goes for graphics for websites promoting such things.

Orders that violate these standards will be refused and payment will be refunded.

I would prefer not to design graphics that are related to Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or Valentine's Day specifically (though for instance, season themed graphics are fine).

Please make sure that if you are giving me images for use in your graphics that you either own the rights to the image(s) or have permission to use them. I cannot be responsible for violations of copyright if the image was provided by the customer.
This design policy is subject to change without notice.

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